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Payrolls are an important and complicated part of any business who employ staff.  With the ever-increasing complexity of UK government legislation in relation to payroll requirements, it can be difficult to ensure that you are operating efficiently and within the legal framework.

By outsourcing your payroll services, you can be assured that such requirements are met, in a way that suits your business needs.  From employee records to payslips, statutory pay to external queries from the likes of Inland Revenue and the Department of Work and Pensions, SJ Account Solutions will ensure that you comply with employer and payroll legislation.

The success of outsourcing any service, particularly a financial one, depends on choosing the right partner to work with.  SJ Account Solutions is an established professional in payroll services, with in-depth experience in payroll matters.  We use powerful and professional software, giving you confidence in us and our work.

CIS Returns Made Simple

The complexity of UK government legislation in relation to payroll requirements made simple: Making your monthly CIS returns is not only a legal requirement, but a time-consuming process.  If you are a contractor under the Construction Industry Scheme, then you must inform Inland Revenue about payments made to sub-contractors on a monthly basis.

There are certain rules which apply in times of ‘nil returns’, or when you will not be paying PAYE/NI/CIS contributions for a certain period.  In the event of late submissions, fines are imposed by the HMRC which increase as the period of lateness increases.

By outsourcing your CIS Return needs to SJ Account Solutions, we will ensure that submissions are made on time, correctly and as required by the legal framework.  We can also ensure that you maintain the records required by law to comply with legislation and HMRC legislations.  When HMRC inspect your records and CIS returns, you can have peace of mind that everything is in order and as it should be.

Take advantage of a FREE initial consultation to ascertain whether you are a contractor under the CIS regulations and how we can help you.

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