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Year End Preparation

Year End preparations which are accurate, complete and up to date reduces the workload on your accountant, which in turn will reduce your accountancy fee’s.  SJ Account Solutions will ensure that all ledgers, balance sheets, assets and depreciation sheets, VAT returns and payroll ledgers are properly prepared prior to submission.

Bank Reconciliations

Every business needs to know where the money goes and the bank statement is the first place to look. Bank reconciliations are important and need to be regularly reconciled to produce accurate accounts.

“Every business needs to know where the money goes.”

Outsourcing your book-keeping requirements will streamline your business and save you from negotiating a complex framework of rules and regulations.  Getting the right partner to work with is essential for outsourcing to be successful so enjoy a FREE initial consultation to speak with SJ Account Solutions and see how we can help your business today.

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